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Sunnysmiles Childcare strives to make a positive learning through play experience available for all children aged 2-11 years.

We have a large nursery room which is setup to enhance the Early Years Foundation stage this is the framework we work with to ensure children are developing and supported through their learning in a way that meets their specific needs.

There are three prime areas within the framework Personal Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Physical Development and then four specific areas Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World, Expressive Arts and Design.

We welcome all families within the community and have trained staff to support children with additional needs {SEND}.

Children benefit form a well sized outside play space including a floor level sandpit, mud kitchen, climbing frame and slide, different textured floor areas, a construction area, planters to plant fruit and vegetables, self-selection cupboards, exploring area.

In addition to this during certain parts of the day we have sole use of the school field which is used for large group games, bikes and scooters, balls and hoops and other similar activities requiring a large space also in the warmer weather we take story and song time outside.

Children make good use of their environment especially as it offers a great range of self-selection activities meaning they can independently choose what they want to do, alongside staff who engage with them observing and planning in the moment for further developing and supporting their leaning. In addition to this, children also have access to a visual timetable which outlines the session in pictures.

The inside space is home to a Construction/number area, creative area, language and mark making unit, activity tray, book room with cubby hole, snack table {cafe style} and home area which we have all year and change with the seasons, festivals and celebrations.

Story and song time is a very valuable part of the day where children actively join in, select songs from a range of different resources and begin to have their own favourite stories that they can retell using props.

Children take part in a range of practical day to day activities to help them gain knowledge and understanding of their environment-helping prepare their snack, cooking activities, local outings e.g. trip to the shop to buy fruit for snack, checking the outside area to ensure it is safe to use, helping to wash up snack plates and cups, setting the table for lunch.

Wraparound care is when we collect children after school nursery they can stay with us up until 3.15pm or 6pm.

We walk a small group of children to Sunnysmiles [approximately a seven-minute walk] letting them explore their local community and learn about keeping safe while out and about. The children then eat their lunch socialising with others and join in with the afternoon nursery session.


Breakfast and After School Clubs -These clubs support families who need an extension on the hours in the school day to fit in around their work or study.

Breakfast Club offers children an hours care at the beginning of the day. Children can have a breakfast consisting of a choice of cereal, a bread product e.g. muffin, crumpet, fruit bread, toast and either fruit, raisins or yoghurt. Children can take part in a range of games and activities until it is time for them to be walked to school. Children can be dropped off for breakfast Club from 7.45am at St Marys School. For Worple and The Blue School drop-off starts at 8am at South Isleworth Children's Centre.


After School Club offers children additional care after school up until 6pm the children are collected from school walked to the club and offered a healthy snack e.g. sandwiches, salad, pizza slice, filled wrap and fruit portions.

There is then a sharing time followed by inside and outside activities, group games, arts and crafts, quiet book area and trolleys children can self-select from.

In both the clubs the children are cared for by qualified staff who promote care, respect, confidence, problem solving and negotiation, co-operative play, understanding, kindness and development of friendships as our age range is quite broad covering all primary school years from nursery.

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